Prize List

equal for women and men

1st - $200 and Reserve carbon wheelset

2nd - $130 and Pedla jersey and bibs

3rd - $90

4th - $50

5th - $30


The top 20 finishers in each category will be awarded points per the table below.

For gravel events, the participants must complete the longest route, not the shorter or medium length course.

DNF finishes are not awarded any points, even if the field is less than 20 people.

Note about USAC Road categories: For USAC races, all races will be awarded the same number of points, regardless of caterogy (a Cat 4 win = 10 points and a Cat 1 win = 10 points).

In the event of a tie, the tiebreakers in order of use will be:

  1. Most events completed

  2. Lowest finishing time of gravel events that were completed

  3. Highest overall finishing in an individual event

Contact Information


instagram: @premierracingseattle

hashtag: #premiergrandprix